Maria Brömme, DVM


Hi, my name is Maria Brömme. If you're wondering, those funny dots on the 'O' are called an "umlaut". Don't worry about mastering the pronunciation of my last name! I grew up in Germany, in a town called Halle, known for its salt mines and, more importantly, for being home to the oldest chocolate factory in Germany. After reunification, my family made its first big move: across the Atlantic to Québec. Our guinea pig joined us on the trans-Atlantic flight, and in Québec my sister and I received a beautiful kitten for Christmas. After some time in Québec, we made a few more moves: back to Germany for a bit, then out to Northern California, and eventually to New Jersey where I attended middle school and high school. We must have always been a funny sight at the airport with our cat, guinea pig, and 2 turtles in tow. This marks a theme in all of my family's various international relocations. No animal was left behind! (And I am convinced we had the most well-traveled guinea pig of all time; little "Seppel" lived to be 8 years old and spent time in 3 different countries and 2 different states.) Growing up, my sister and I were always surrounded by animals. We owe this in large part to my mom, who has always been an animal-lover and wanted to be a veterinarian when she was young. I can remember various animal rescue efforts as well, including an injured bird at the beach, a baby squirrel that fell out of its nest during a storm, and attempts to save various "presents" that my cat brought to our doorstep. In middle school, I started a dog-walking business that was just a great excuse for me to spend as much time with animals as possible. When I was 12, my family made an important decision: to adopt a dog. Max came from the Long Island animal shelter and was truly the best dog! When it was time for me to go off to college, I decided to pursue my studies at McGill University in Montréal. At McGill, I came to the obvious realization that becoming a veterinarian would fulfill my interest in science as well as my passion for animals. The decision was reinforced by time spent volunteering at animal shelters in Québec and Washington State. When it came time to make the big decision on where to spend 4 grueling years of veterinary school, I decided to study closer to my roots in Europe. I spent four lovely years in Edinburgh, Scotland, getting a fantastic education, making great friends, and visiting my family in Germany as well enjoying trips to Italy, Cyprus, Spain, France and Portugal. As I began to think about the next chapter in my life, California lay heavily on my mind. I was in need of a major dose of vitamin D after spending 8 years in thick winter coats and serious boots, trekking through snow storms in Montréal and warding off horizontal rain in Edinburgh. Apart from the sunshine, California has always been very appealing to me. Luckily, I was accepted to a veterinary internship at California Veterinary Specialists in Ontario. I received excellent training and worked with an exceptional group of people. I was not ready to leave California after one year, and I am so happy to now be a member of Alicia Pet Care Center, waiting to give you and your pets the special care they deserve. When I'm not working, I am taking advantage of California's beaches and running trails, as well as pursuing my interests in painting and figure drawing. My furry clan includes my dog Berlin, Patrick the cat, and Bijoux my adorable tripod cat. They keep me busy and entertained when I'm not out enjoying what Southern California has to offer!

Maria Brömme, DVM

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